Wednesday, April 9, 2014

#beautypost - Bicycle friendly updo's


I've made it through the wind, rain, hail and nippy temperatures on my bike the last few Winter months and my hair was a trouper. Those pesky hair bands and hair clips were nowhere to be seen thanks to my (extremely ugly, puffy and oversized) raincoat protecting me from the wind and rain.

Now, I'm usually a fan of having my hair down, mainly because it adheres to my 'more time in bed' motto, and thankfully a Winter on my bike didn't ruin this too much. Although I'm sure the story would have been different if I was still living in Manchester.
Cordoba wind and rain is not Manchester wind and rain.

But now that we're getting stuck into April I thought that there was finally some light at the end of the tunnel... the days of me wondering what state I would be in when I arrived to work were over. But as you've probably guessed, that was until I realised that the heat of Southern Spain might be even crueller than the last few months.

They don't call Cordoba 'the frying pan of Spain' for nothing.

This week has been the first real week of nice weather so far, it's 27 degrees, the sky is clear and there's a perfect breeze... and it's going to get a lot hotter. Therefore, when I arrived at work yesterday afternoon, hopping off of my bike with a rosy red face, flat and frizzy hair and having the feeling that somehow my jeans had melted themselves onto my legs, it was then that I realised that the 'hair flowing in the wind' was not going to work.

I need hairstyles and I need them fast.
So, after a nosy on Pinterest I've found some low maintenance inspiration to keep my hair (and general work look) at bay.



Twists, Knots & Plaits

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#stylepost - Margaret Howell Spring Fever

I can guarantee that I'm not the only Spring devotee currently on the hunt for that perfect Breton striped jumper and those shorts that, without any effort whatsoever from the sleepy headed girl wearing them, can pull an outfit together like your day depends on it.

Already having trouble saving, I'd convinced myself that I don't need to be spending a fortune on new clothes this Spring and the money adding up in my bank account will be worth it... that was until I took a nosy into the backlogs of  some Margaret Howell advertisements and realised that I was oh so wrong.

A Surrey-born, British clothes designer, Howell's key pieces usually involve  beloved trench-coats, duffle coats, shirts and lace up gym pumps. Although I usually prefer a little more clean cut, straight edge kind of style, I can't help but gaze lovingly at some of Howell's pieces wishing I had a tennis game to watch (where my outfit might seem a little more appropriate than on the streets on Cordoba).
A girl can dream

I've found a few bits and pieces from the high street that are very Howell-esque and hopefully won't dissolve your entire years savings...



Left Reiss Link Skirt (135 euros)
Right Zara Long Sleeved Striped Top (29 euros)

Left Mango Dress (25.99 euros)
Right Whistles Shona Stripe Jersey Dress (£95.00)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#travelpost - Lisboa, Portugal Feb/March 2014

After a beautiful weekend in Lisbon, I thought that posting some of my favourite photos on here would kill my back to work blues... Oh how wrong I was.

I'm currently craving a Bifana (pork sandwich) topped with mustard and hot sauce and a creamy pastel (an egg custard that dreams are made of) sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar.
There's plenty to see and do in the city, in fact I don't think I've ever seen so many museums, and although a lot of people say that Lisbon is quite an expensive city we found as long as you stay off the tourist track and hit some of the smaller (old man) bars then you can get a lot for your money!

If you do go to Lisboa, don't miss out on a cosy corner in a restaurant/bar listening to fado, Barrio Alto for cheap, super sized drinks with a lively atmosphere, shops dedicated to tinned fish all shapes, sizes, flavours and the pastels in Belem....
The steep streets might be merciless but I promise you they're worth it.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

#stylepost - Primavera = Little Dragon + Margaret Howell + Madewell

A 3-day week in Spain thanks to Puente & Carnival.
A road-trip to Lisbon in 48 hours.
Payday is well and truly on the horizon.
Spring is almost/kind of/finally here.

4 reasons that make this pointless post a little less pointless.

Hello Primavera, jackets, bright colours and sangria.
Goodbye dark mornings, big scarves and Saturday afternoons spent indoors.


Margaret Howell

Paul & Joe
Zac Posen

Friday, February 21, 2014

#lifestylepost - Perdiz Magazine Issue #3

Yesterday I received my shiny, new Perdiz mag. 
After a friend passed on, a Barcelona based site filling all of your bilingual magazine needs, I stumbled upon Perdiz.

I admit it... I'm a sucker for magazines and probably don't need to be spending any more on them than I do already but this one was worth it.

It's bilingual which means everything inside is written in both English and Spanish (yes, this does make me feel a little less guilty about my snail pace speed at improving my Spanish).
It's eassssy on the eyes... I'm talking pretty pictures, lilac covers and
hologram lettering.
Last but not least, it's moto is -la felicidad es contagiosa- happiness is contagious- and it's
self-described as "a magazine about people and the things that make them happy".
When's the next issue already?

It's not on the cheap side, especially in a country where Vogue only costs around £3, but, in an age of screen addicts, a good magazine really does let you switch off and give you a break from your daily internet addictions yes, I mean you, Pinterest.

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