Sunday, September 21, 2014

#stylepost - Charlotte Simone '14 Faux-ever Fur

The faux fur trend isn't exactly new right now... it's been hanging around for the past few Winters in silky forms of jackets, hoods, headbands, stoles and scarves and it's never really appealed to me until the British based designer Charlotte Beecham and her brand Charlotte Simone caught my eye this LFW.

Although not exclusively a fur brand, in fact her ultimate focus is to 'reinvent the scarf' from fur to knits to woven fabrics, Charlotte Beecham does do a cracking good faux fur scarf. Unfortunately, a large handful of the scarves are available in real fur but since that's not for me I've drawn up a wish list of the faux friends to those. 

I usually find that when a designer stocks faux it somewhat feels cheaper and cheated and doesn't live up to the quality of what it should be but even Charlotte herself has said '...while I understand that some people choose fake fur rather than real as a lifestyle choice, I really didn't want to offer it just as a cheap alternative. It needed to be as beautiful as real fur - and in some styles it actually looks better." 2013.

Taken from @charlottesimone_ Instagram 

So from a freshman in Paris to her time at NYU to September's LFW these scarves have soared. Big on my wishlist are the most obvious.. The Popsicle... the stripey + khaki style is my favourite. Although for a more affordable style and a little less sought after I am a fan of the slimmer looking (not too sure if it actually is slimmer) Candycane... the blue style teamed with the H&M black maxi coat would be dreamy with Autumn.

Warning: Look at your own risk... with Harvey Nichols current 15% off promo code AW14SHOW you will want to buy one


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