Tuesday, February 25, 2014

#stylepost - Primavera = Little Dragon + Margaret Howell + Madewell

A 3-day week in Spain thanks to Puente & Carnival.
A road-trip to Lisbon in 48 hours.
Payday is well and truly on the horizon.
Spring is almost/kind of/finally here.

4 reasons that make this pointless post a little less pointless.

Hello Primavera, jackets, bright colours and sangria.
Goodbye dark mornings, big scarves and Saturday afternoons spent indoors.


Margaret Howell

Paul & Joe
Zac Posen

Friday, February 21, 2014

#lifestylepost - Perdiz Magazine Issue #3

Yesterday I received my shiny, new Perdiz mag. 
After a friend passed on ilovepaper.co, a Barcelona based site filling all of your bilingual magazine needs, I stumbled upon Perdiz.

I admit it... I'm a sucker for magazines and probably don't need to be spending any more on them than I do already but this one was worth it.

It's bilingual which means everything inside is written in both English and Spanish (yes, this does make me feel a little less guilty about my snail pace speed at improving my Spanish).
It's eassssy on the eyes... I'm talking pretty pictures, lilac covers and
hologram lettering.
Last but not least, it's moto is -la felicidad es contagiosa- happiness is contagious- and it's
self-described as "a magazine about people and the things that make them happy".
When's the next issue already?

It's not on the cheap side, especially in a country where Vogue only costs around £3, but, in an age of screen addicts, a good magazine really does let you switch off and give you a break from your daily internet addictions yes, I mean you, Pinterest.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

#stylepost - Whistles Shoes & Accessories SS14

I've always been a big fan of Whistles. 
( I was an even bigger fan during the Manchester Outlet years but I'm slowly coming to terms with that loss)
The prices can be quite high-end and not something you'd spend on a weekly/monthly basis but their quality is 'failsafe' and they do iconic dresses like the French do Petit Fours.
They come up with guaranteed timeless pieces season after season, the fabrics are always luxury quality and, although they are trend led, they never stray too far away from our beloved British style.

After a nosy at their recent 'Brand Day' it seems that this season they've put a lot of love into their shoes and accessories range... it's screaming Sandro with a play on fabrics and it's doubled my 'to buy' list.

Just picture a cross between Hanneli Mustaparta's wardrobe, a flamboyant flamingo and a dash of J.W. Anderson.

Maya Gladiator Footbed (£225) hurry up Summer!!
(above photos taken from Whistle's Instagram account)
Bridgitte Round Heavy Sunglasses (£60)
Faye Mirrored Sunglasses Black (£60)
Fedora Felt Hat (£55)

Rivington Clutch (£115)
Limited Eva Tote (£325)