Wednesday, October 2, 2013

#musicpost - 3 Reasons Why I Love Haim

They're not exactly new on the music scene but I thought I'd spend this Wednesday lunchtime declaring my love for Haim to you. Apologies in advance.

Reason #1 - 80's vibes
They just don't make soundtracks like they used to. A huge part of growing up for me was watching 80's and 90's films on TV on a Sunday afternoon while my nan was round for Sunday lunch. If I wasn't focused on how cool River Pheonix (Yes... Stand By Me) and Tom Hanks (let's face it, a billion other classics...) were being then I was growing an unhealthy love for the best soundtracks of all time.

The Lost Boys
The Breakfast Club

All of them either made me want to ball my eyes out or dance around the living room with my scrunchie in hand, repping my zig zag patterned pjs.
Anyway, back to Haim... this is the exact reason why I love listening to Haim. It brings back those Sunday afternoons when shimmying was my biggest worry and every song made me want to do the cheesy nod thing (you know it).

Reason #2 - Sisters
They're 3 sisters. They're in a band. And they know how to look cool on bikes.
 Enough said.

Reason #3 - Bridesmaids
I try to involve the film Bridesmaids in to my life as much as possible, hopefully the reason's obvious... it's hilarious (and I want to be Kristen Wiig in it).
For me, it's slightly uncanny (not that uncanny) the sound similarity between the final song scene with Wilson Phillips and Haim... see for yourselves.

(maybe it's a littttllee cheesier and a lot less cool but please tell me you see what I mean?)

And that's why I love Haim.

Haim - The Wire

Haim - Falling

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