Friday, February 21, 2014

#lifestylepost - Perdiz Magazine Issue #3

Yesterday I received my shiny, new Perdiz mag. 
After a friend passed on, a Barcelona based site filling all of your bilingual magazine needs, I stumbled upon Perdiz.

I admit it... I'm a sucker for magazines and probably don't need to be spending any more on them than I do already but this one was worth it.

It's bilingual which means everything inside is written in both English and Spanish (yes, this does make me feel a little less guilty about my snail pace speed at improving my Spanish).
It's eassssy on the eyes... I'm talking pretty pictures, lilac covers and
hologram lettering.
Last but not least, it's moto is -la felicidad es contagiosa- happiness is contagious- and it's
self-described as "a magazine about people and the things that make them happy".
When's the next issue already?

It's not on the cheap side, especially in a country where Vogue only costs around £3, but, in an age of screen addicts, a good magazine really does let you switch off and give you a break from your daily internet addictions yes, I mean you, Pinterest.

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