Thursday, November 12, 2015

#travelpost - Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

The crossing to Bolivia must have taken us 15 minutes from getting off the bus to getting back on a huge difference from the long wait at the Ecuador/Peru border. We got to Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca at midday and headed straight for our hotel. We knew we'd be filling the next few days relaxing and not doing too much so we spent a little extra on the hotel to get a balcony and a big room. 

Copacabana is famous for its perfect position on the lake (the highest inhabited in the world) and it's herd of swan pedalos. The town reminded us of a cheesy seaside resort in England in the 80s... Kind of trapped in time but we couldn't complain when it was back to the cheap food prices we were used to in Colombia and it had perfect views and spots to just sit and chill. 

Like I said, we didn't do much in Copacabana over the two days we were there... After a busy few weeks of tours and trips we wanted to have some down time. We headed straight to the shop I'm using shop loosely, more like a few shelves on the street with a lady sat next to them and bought a bottle of rum for two pounds. We spent both days eating trout from the lake, drinking rum and playing cards. Oh, we might have rented out a swan pedalo one afternoon too! 

On the third day we bought a boat ticket to Isla del Sol Island of the Sun... We did one way in the boat and the way back on the roof! We got dropped off half way down the island and walked for 2 hours to reach our hostel in the South. We bought a fried egg and tomato sandwich which was actually really nice haha and sat in the sun until we decided to hit the roof of our hostel and camp out there until the sun went down drinking more of our rum... We had that much we had to share with a German girl who decided to help us finish the bottle... We still didn't but by tonight it will be gone! 

A short post about a long few relaxing days but we didn't actually do that much to write about! Tomorrow morning we get the bus to the capital La Paz for what I imagine to be a very hectic few days! 

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