Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#stylepost - Bagged a Falabella

Every Christmas I gorge on chocolate until I start to resemble a Lindt bunny, eat my body weight in nibbles, nuts and mince pies and spend a large portion of my wage on sale items that I definitely don't need and/or are really not worth the 40 minutes I queued up for....
And this Christmas was certainly no different.

However, beneath the Zara shopping bags and H&M pyjamas (why are they always so cheap?) I bagged myself a sale bargain like no other in the form of a small SSENSE parcel. I've been a fan of SSENSE for a while now but with them being a Canadian company I've never thought it worth the while to buy from them when Selfridges is down the road (I say this like I do it on a regular basis, I really don't. I promise.) but this year, after looking at their 'up to 70% off' sale, I was too far gone.

I bagged myself a Stella McCartney Brown Velvet Embossed Falabella clutch with over 50% off.

Happy days.

And by looking at their current site there are still some huge bargains from a Proenza clutch 
under £270, a Damir Doma pochette under £120 and a 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch under £180. So, like me, if money doesn't grow on trees when it comes to payday, and there's a bag you've got your eye on and you're patient enough then keep a look out on SSENSE.com, it will be worth the wait.

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