Sunday, May 11, 2014

#musicpost - Brooklyn Based Band 'Wet'

A quick post for a lazy Sunday.

It's 2pm and I'm still lay on my bed (atleast not in my pyjamas) and whilst a fraction of my mind is on my Pinterest feed, another slice is on the chattering of people outside my front door and then there's the part trying to find the perfect Sunday afternoon playlist. 
And then I remember coming across 'Wet', a trio based in Brooklyn, and their unreleased song 'Weak' a few weeks ago and thinking why didn't I look them up sooner?

Two guys and a girl playing melancholic music, a hint of soul and R&B and yes, it can sound a little girl-groupy.. in the best. way. ever.

So, here you have it, a few songs and singles alike from 'Wet'.

If you find the lead female as memorising as I do then look her up.
Kelly Zutrau... She sure knows how to pull off the baggy tee/jeans and messy hair thing.

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