Sunday, June 15, 2014

#foodpost - Illustrated Guide to Spanish Coffee

It's currently 40 degrees in Cordoba, a siesta is about to kick in and my milky, English skin is slowly but surely becoming a little darker.

You'd think the last thing that I needed to be writing about right now is coffee and you would be right... 4pm in the heart of June is not the time for coffee but it's hard to go for too long in a Spanish city without it.

Today my parents left back to Manchester and my sister is still here, about to spend her mornings in the windy streets, her afternoons lay under the air conditioning and her evenings doing some extensive people watching. 

Now, I'm no coffee expert but I know there are certain times of the day when a good coffee is necessary and a coffee too strong or weak for your taste can ruin your afternoon laze-about. So, to prepare for my family visit and to fill a slow hour on the balcony, I spent my Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago drawing a little drinks guide to help them with their Spanish. It contains only the basics but there's a drink for every mood.

Looking through my old photos, a quick mention to a favourite coffee spot in Manchester 'North Tea Power' in the Northern Quarter... On a sunny day, try their Affogato!! 

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  1. Thank you so much for your comment!! I wish I had found your blog and this post three days ago when I was staring blankly at the coffee machine at uni