Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#stylepost - Hair play... Flowers and Hoops

It's fair to say that I'm a one hair style kind of girl. 
Maybe on a Monday morning my hair will see a ponytail but not the big, bouncy, volume type... no... It's a lot more like the 'I didn't wash my hair last night' kind... And maybe once every blue moon I'll venture to a plait.

Because of this some might say lazy habit with my hair I'm always on the look out for hair accessories but however much I love the hair scarves, cottons bows etc. number 1 they just don't suit me and number 2 I can't master the hair scarf trick... trust me, I've tried plenty!

So browsing on the internet this week I've found two dream accessories that are wiggling their ways into this seasons trends.

Firstly and least likely for me but oh so dreamy is the hair rose from Dolce and Gabbana at MFW.
It being a tribute to Spain is enough for me to love it as well as the matador inspired outfits and Flamenco polka dots on show giving me flashbacks to Cordoba, feria and sevillanas.
Loosen the buns, downsize the flower and wear with something simple and I think the hair flower could work day-to-day.

Second of all a little less romantic and something I can't wait to try out are the Aeon hair rings by Regal Rose. They're Rodarte SS15 for us tame ones and they're inexpensive... €14 on Asos for international buys and from £8 on REGALROSE.COM. They come in both gold and silver and pack size depends on the hair length you have. For people like me that wear their hair down come rain, snow or sunshine and need a bit of a mix up when it comes to Friday night hair then they look perfect. 

As soon as pay day comes, they'll be in my basket.


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