Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#travelpost - First thoughts on Valencia, Spain

My posts are starting to become few and far between but after a loonnngg July/August of summer school, home to Manchester and a move to my new city I think I'm back on track.

We've been in Valencia for a little over two weeks now and I'm not missing home just yet.
From the chilly, old, Castille town of Aranda de Duero two years ago and flower-pot filled Cordoba with it's winding Andalucian streets.. Valencia feels the closest to home out of all of our moves so far.

It's home to rows and rows of 6-7-8 floor art deco apartment buildings in the centre of town, nested above supermarkets, health food shops and I'm sure if not more four Zara stores... all within walking distance from each other. On top of this, there are some smaller, more independent shops in the area to the right of Plaza Ayuntamiento and some bigger names in the area around Mercado de Colon... Maje, Sandro, COS, Hoss.
Shopper's paradise.

Money hasn't really allowed me to do any shopping so far so I've been sticking to the coffee bar hangouts in the bohemian labyrinth of El Carmen, 'hip' Ruzafa and a couple of rough and ready cafĂ© filled spots in between.. It's a bustling, energetic, working city... with a beach 20 minutes away.

I still haven't had bags of time (or money) to test out all of the bars and restaurants that I've found just yet and will add some posts accordingly when I get round to them. 

For a quick low down of Ruzafa visit GUIA RUSSAFA



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