Thursday, October 16, 2014

#lifestylepost - Thinking Inside the Box... Curated Packages

I love surprises.
You love surprises.
We all love surprises.

They're there to say thank you, I love you, congratulations... there's a million reasons for a surprise, however big or small, but the 'no reason' reason is just my favourite.
Thanks to the grow in on-line curated packages we can now treat ourselves and the ones we love to little boxes of goodies for... I suppose... no reason at all.

Now, we've officially approached the hump of October.
Darker nights, shorter days, lazier Sundays.

So if the whole 'no reason at all' idea isn't quite doing it for you then think of it this way... It's getting to that time of year, just before the sparkle of Christmas... as soon as we clock out, we feel ourselves homing towards the sofa a little more often, that cosy, old jumper we had to peel off ourselves last Winter has once again become our new best friend and baking, red wine and some sort of new TV series are our new found hobbies. No? Just me? Ok, well...this is of course inevitable and I do kind of like it but a little parcel to yourself or someone under the same roof every now and then can do no harm and can definitely add a little more excitement to your day, week, month... you choose.

Just have a look at my favourite picks... you might think I'm an easily pleased, crazy lady right now but I'm sure you'll be standing right next to me after a quick scroll.

A little on the expensive side and in high demand due to well known writers, influential bloggers, chefs and even musicians picking themselves as curators. If you choose the right curator for you I do think the price is worth it over 3 months as a personal treat to yourself.
Prices range from $25-$100 every 3 months and you can choose who curates your box, along with a note explaining each item. 
Current curators include Nina Garcia, Pharrell Williams, Rosario Dawson, GQ and Food52.

International shipping and parcels starting at £19.
Tell them your preferences and receive a monthly parcel from independent artists and designers.

The food parcel idea isn't too new but living away from home, it's nice to buy bits and pieces to keep in the cupboard for the days we've had it up to here with paella (that was simply to make a point... that will never happen... long live Paella)
UK based and monthly prices start at £20. Fine foods, delicious snacks and craft beers... which leads me to my next site...

4. Beer52

For £24 a month Beer52 will deliver to your door 8 bottles of craft beer chosen by experts.

And last but not least... Turntable Kitchen. 
Something that I was a little confused with at the start but after a look at what they actually do I think their idea is quite fresh and dare I say it... quite a cute idea.
With their pairings box you receive 1-2 premium recipes, 3 seasonal recipes, tasting notes and yes... a digital mixtape + 7" vinyl to pair new music to your recipes.
Pairing boxes are priced at $25 a month with international shipping available.

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