Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#foodpost - Colombian Food by Harry

Coming to the end of our time in Ecuador got me reminiscing about the places we've been, people we've met and of course, the food we've eaten. So I thought I'd share some of the dishes and snacks that we ate and enjoyed on the first leg of our journey in the crazy, amazing country, Colombia.

Colombian food comes in all different sizes, styles, places, price ranges and times of day. For example you could be sipping on a big hearty bowl of milky egg soup for breakfast in the tranquillity of an old ladies shack, snacking on a spicy stuffed potato ball with rice and meat on the side of a busy duel carriageway with the soundtrack of blaring salsa or dining at night on a giant plate of various traditional meats and beans in a family run restaurant.

Varied, often spicy and exciting just like the country itself, Colombian food was a great surprise to our taste buds and we usually find ourselves craving something that we've eaten along the way.

Surviving on a staple of rice, plantain, avocado, tomatoes and beans, Colombian dishes come to life through the different ways that all these ingredients come together or complement the various delicious dishes.

Below are some examples of Colombian foods we loved and will be dreaming about for weeks to come.

Sopa de Ajiaco chicken soup with corn

Arepa con queso corn pancake with cheese

Breakfast Tamale masa cooked in a leaf with a chicken leg inside

Mondongo (tripe soup) typical of Medellin 

Patacon con carne y queso (crushed plantain with meat and cheese)

Bandeja Paisa ( belly pork, chorizo, black pudding, beef steak, plantain, rice, avocado, egg, beans, arepa) - typical in Medellin & great for hangovers!

Trucha Marinera (whole trout with prawns and a cheesy broth)

Ceviche (white fish and squid with coconut and lime)

Plato con todo (plate with EVERYTHING fried) 

Changua con huevos (milk soup with eggs) breakfast from Villa de Leyva 

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