Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#travelpost - Welcome to Peru! Mancora, Huanchaco and Huaraz

We've been in Peru for a good ten days now and first impressions?

Peru is the best! 

The people have been so friendly so far, everyone and everything is so laid back and the food.... It's incredible. I've been a little lazy/ill since we've been here so I haven't got round to writing much about the three places that we've been to but luckily they were smaller towns so there isn't too much to catch up on. This post is more of a place to put some photos from our time in Peru so far so I'm not going to write too much on this one. 

Mancora was our first stop in Peru after travelling through the border which surprisingly only took an hour (a lot less than some of the horror stories we'd heard about). We spent three nights here at a hostel by the beach with a huge bar, skanky rooms and a great big swimming pool. The town was small but had some really good seafood restaurants.. All we did for three days was eat, sleep and drink happy hour cocktails.  

Huanchaco- Trujillo
After Mancora we got a looooong day bus to Huanchaco (we thought it took 7 but it actually took 10!). Huanchaco is a seaside town just outside of a town called Trujillo. The place is well known because apparently it's the birthplace of ceviche and the traditional boats the fisherman use are said to be where the idea of surfboards came from. If that's not enough, 10 minutes from Huanchaco is the UNESCO archeological site of Chan Chan... The largest pre-Colombian city in South America which was the home to 30,000 people until the conquest of the Inca Empire. Again, we pretty much just ate, sunbathed and visited Chan Chan. 

Now from Huanchaco we took an overnight bus to Huaraz because it took  8 hours and we'd learnt our lesson from our last bus ride! The overnight buses in Peru are VIP... I'm talking wifi, snacks, actual meals, individual televisions, blankets and pillows... Nothing like our trusty Megabuses. Huaraz is slap bang in the middle of the Andes... Walking through town the mountains and their glaciers are all you can see. The town itself isn't the prettiest but the streets were bustling from early morning to late at night and the main square was hosting a local food fair by what I think were farmers from the region and we finally tried some coca tea from one of the men handing out samples. Unfortunately my time in Huaraz was one big ill blur... At first the altitude got me, making me feel hungover and sick and then i caught some sort of bug. I had some downtime in Huaraz but we managed to fit in a day tour to Laguna Llanganuco... A bright turquoise lagoon created by a group of glaciers. It was beautiful! We had lunch at a restaurant with panoramic views of the Andes and Huascarán, the highest mountain in Peru. We also visited the remains of Yungay, a town completely wiped out by an avalanche from Huascarán... the debris and glacial ice destroyed the town and killed 20,000 people that lived there. 

We had a great day but my sickness caught up with me and I spent the next 48 hours in bed! 

We're now in the capital Lima for four days, I'm on the mend and we're almost back to stuffing our faces with food. 

Amiee x

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