Wednesday, December 9, 2015

#travelpost - BYE SA, HELLO NYC.

A really short post to wrap up everything we've done since we started in August. 

We're going to miss tonnes of things about the four countries we've been lucky enough to spend all this time in like the endless street food and the unreal scenery but we've done everything we wanted to do here so it's time to leave so we can catch up with the best friends we made in C√≥rdoba a year and a half ago, finally see family and friends for Christmas and spend the New Year fingers crossed finding a job and settling in Madrid. 

4 countries
46 villages, towns, cities visited 
48 buses
4 boats 
2 trains
1 plane
114 days
207 hours / 8.6 days travelling
6 national parks
14 UNESCO world heritage sites 
1 wonder of the world
A lot of llamas

Thanks so much to anyone that's been nice enough to keep up with us and read this! I'm sure we'll see you soon!

Amiee and Harry

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