Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#travelpost - Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Samaipata - the final leg!

We spent our final ten days in Bolivia in three very different places. 

We spent the first two nights after Sucre in a city called Cochabamba. There wasn't a lot to do here except try the last of local specialities and take a trip up the cable cars to the huge Jesus statue. The town was surprisingly split between a modern, wide avenue Miraflores style and  the typical older part of town filled with shoe shops, electronic carts and shoe shiners. Harry tried lomo borracho drunk meat... A flavoursome beer soup filled with chips, beef, onions and an egg... Basically a dish in a dish!! The hostel had a patio to sit in the sun so we were pretty happy doing nothing for most of the time. The second day we had a walk across town to the base of the cable cars, there we jumped into a half full one (with some girly teenagers and a little brother) and whilst being questioned about what England is like we made our way up to the top to see the views.

The only thing standing between Cochabamba and Santa Cruz was our final 12 hour night bus.... I can't tell you how happy I was when it was over. There's nothing appealing about having someone's knees in your back, chair on your lap and a window that won't jam open no matter how hot or stuffy it is. But... We made it! 

Santa Cruz is technically our final place before we leave South America and fly to New York via Panama. It's the most populous city in Bolivia and it's a boom city... You can be right in the centre of town and it still feels like you've not quite reached it because of all of the low rises and wide streets. Yesterday we had lunch in the market and got our bearings... We also went to the supermarket... We love the supermarket but you don't understand... In Bolivia there's hardly any! The joys of not having to go to the market for once. We've got a pool in the hostel and tonight it's free Caipirinha night *hands up emoji*.

We went to a cool bar for happy hour one night which reminded us of our uni days in Font bar. We went to some independent coffee shops that were fitted around town... Bought some last minute souvenirs.... And visited the small town of Samaipata for a night too. There wasn't much to do there unless you plan on doing tours or hikes and because we were trying to save money we had another lazy day of lunching, snoozing and enjoying the last of the sun for a while. 

And that's our 4 month trip to South America finished! Tomorrow we leave midday to catch our flight to NYC... The next time I post something I'm sure it will be scattered with unnecessary amounts  of food and drink. 

Thanks so much for reading! 
Amiee x

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