Sunday, November 24, 2013

#beautypost - Eat your greens

As Winter settles in and the glitz and glam of Christmas is on the horizon, there's always an odd few weeks in-between. Not quite Autumn, with the excitement of Halloween and Bonfire night, and a good few weeks until we can even consider getting into the Christmas spirit, these subdued November nights (weekday or not) are left feeling a little empty.

Sitting in front of the TV (surprise, surprise) on a Friday night, I realised that these few weeks shouldn't be wished away. In 3 weeks time, women all over (I being one of them) will be stressing over their NYE dress dilemma, spending a fortune on make up to cover up their tired, Winter skin and swearing they should never of had that last pack of mince pies.

So why don't we use these few weeks to prepare for the party season? Within the month we could brighten dull skin, give our hair a lift and bring back our natural youth. It doesn't matter how beautiful that Maje dress is... if you're bloated from Christmas choc and your skins lost it's glow then it'll never be worth the hard earned pennies (or time contemplating) that you spent on it. So grab your purse, get to the supermarket and buy the fruit and veg your body deserves before you're let loose on the shortbreads, chocolates and mince pies.

The list of health benefits from fruit and veg is endless. Each one has greater benefits than the last... so I've chosen 3 fruit and vegetables to try this week whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. My mission... to choose 3 new ingredients each week until Christmas. That way, my conscious will be clear when the biscuit tins are opened and wine bottles popped.

Pomegranates. Not only do they prevent breast cancer cells from growing, promote blood circulation and reduce inflammation, pomegranates are filled with antioxidants (even more than the sometimes not so tasty Green Tea.). Because of this, they slow down the ageing process of our skin, in turn, helping with our dry, Winter skin and producing a healthy glow. Not forgetting their natural properties that give extra energy for those dark mornings and cleanse your body, which can help with weight loss. So next time you're about to grab for those honey roasted nuts, cut open a pomegranate and munch on that instead.

Carrots. Get beautiful skin on the inside and out. The vitamin A and antioxidants found in carrots not only protect your skin from sun damage but they also protect your hair, skin and nails from drying, blemishes, acne and wrinkling. They cleanse your body of toxins, clean your teeth and gums (they really do) and if that's not enough...  they prevent heart disease, breast cancer and anti-ageing.

If you want faster results for a quick fix, try using carrots and honey as a face mask.
Mix carrots - antiseptic and regeneration of skin cells
honey - antiseptic and reduces swelling
olive oil - nourishes and cleans the skin
lemon juice (optional) - keeps in moisture, keeps out germs
Leave for 5 minutes and jump in the shower

Avocados. Great with a salad as an easy meal or fresh guacamole; avocados are bursting with Omega-9 fats which help reduce redness and skin irritation... a problem prone to the Winter months. They're also ridiculously high in vitamin E & C, helping us with wrinkles and creating collagen to help with our skin's firmness and elasticity. It should be noted that avocados are high in fat and calories so should be eaten within reason but despite this... the mono saturated fatty acids within avocados are more likely to be used as slow burning energy rather than body fat. This energy keeps your body happier, for longer throughout the day without feeling the need to snack on high sugar, fatty snacks and reducing your hunger and appetite. So.... one good meal with an avocado might hold the same calories as other meals but your body will be energised for much longer, therefore cutting down on other snacks during your day.

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