Saturday, November 30, 2013

#interiorpost - Pattern Makes Perfect

As a 20-something year old living abroad, the prospect of owning my own house isn't something that will be cropping up on my agenda any time soon. Not that I wouldn't want it to happen but right now, for me, renting a place within a stones throw from most places in the city centre and being able to nip out for that Mexican I've been craving all week is too good to throw away just yet.

That doesn't mean however, that I cannot dream and Brooklyn-based design company Flat Vernacular has been helping me do this.

My usual swoon comes in the shape of loft conversions and town houses which usually involve a lot of simple lines, hardwood and A-frame windows and all is well with sticking to the minimalist trend in your home but nothing beats a pop of colour... and this is where Flat Vernacular comes in. They've created contemporary, hand drawn and hand printed wallpapers with a mission to 'blur the line between art and design'.

Flat Vernacular Sticker Wallpaper

Peacock & CMY Chaos wallpaper

Dandelion Creatures - Out of the Jungle
Folded Beach Towel
Fruit Doves
Nimbo Noctilucant

All information regarding Flat Vernacular and other styles and products can be found on their site

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