Thursday, November 21, 2013

#stylepost - Winter simple

Don't get me wrong... I like my fair share of statement jewellery; from Zara's jewelled necklace collections to YSL's iconic Arty rings and the rise of Michael Kors and his wrist watches. So far this year it's been all about the bling.

However, as the trees start to shed their leaves and the frosty mornings start to creep up I can't help but want (need) to dress with more simplicity. The chilly mornings mean I no longer spring from my bed and I definitely don't have all the time in the world to choose my outfit, set my hair and slap on some make up. So with my chunky jumper, messy hair and bare-face I just don't think it's that easy to pull off a bold necklace or eye catching set of rings with my minimal (lazy) look. Instead, I've started to keep it simple... stacking slim, band rings, a pendant necklace and nude nails. I have also never been more grateful for the low pony look that seems to be catching on since Summer has disappeared... it's just asking for us to have that extra 10 minutes in bed.

Turn your half-asleep, dishevelled look into a 'I'm meant to look like this' and throw on a soft knit jumper, chunky scarf and a thick leather.

Note of caution: It might soften the sleepy look but, sadly, will not help with those under eye shadows.

H&M Mixed Set of Band Rings  (£3.99)
Available in silver & gold

Monica Vinader Hammered Ring 18ct Gold Plated (£50)
Monica Vinader Siren Wide Band Ring in Lapiz 18ct Gold Plated (£140)

&OtherStories Brass Ring Set (£12.99)
Michael Kors Tortoise-Inset Ring (£46) Neiman Marcus

Liu Wen sporting a low pony @ CFDA

Pulled-apart ponytail Calvin Klein

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